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Getuk Lindri

Getuk Lindri

Getuk Lindri is one of Indonesian traditional culinary that reminds me of my childhood. I was born and grew up in Jakarta, close to Cempaka Putih area. There I spent my chilhood from Kindergarten
until Elementery school, both at Santa Ursula, a catholic school in Pasar Baru. Every day after I did my homework and got showered, I was allowed to gather with my friends. We gathered in a volley ball field and played and also ran on the streets without being worries about the cars. Oh I really miss playing all those traditional games... such as, bekel, ciplek, karet, congklak.

My brother and I were also allowed once in a week to buy a jajanan, a dish selling by vendors. My all time favorite was Getuk Lindri in chocolate color; there were red, green, yellow and white. The nice vendor gave me an extra free piece sometime. I think he couldn't resist seeing my cute smile on my face.. hihihiii.

This is my entry for (Almost) Forgotten Indonesian Culinary Heritage, a beautiful foodie event by my fellow blogger, Rurie. Thank you for hosting!

Source: Dekap // Joy of Cooking

250 gr sugar (I used only 175 gr)
150 ml water
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 kg cassava -- peeled
Food coloring (optional)
1/2 cup grated coconut -- steamed

Grated coconut
Sugar and salt

Boil the water and sugar until sugar dissolved. Add the vanilla essence. Make some parts of it depending on how many colors do you want to use then add food coloring, each color to each water part. I only make into two parts, white and chocolate

Steam peeled cassava until soft then mash with grated coconut until well combined. Make again some parts depending the water. Pour the water bit by bit into the mashed cassava, combine well

1. My way: I used a nigiri-sushi form
2. You can also use a rectangle form then cut into your preffered size
3. You can use a special form for Getuk Lindri too

Combine all ingredients then steam for awhile, put over each Getuk Lindri

Mindy Jordan
Mindy Jordan from Caracas, Venezuela
Mindy's Deli
Getuk Lindri

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