Saturday, February 21, 2009

Round Up

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I'm proud to present you the round up for (Almost) Forgotten Indonesian Culinary Heritage a Foodie Event 2009. In the entries I found some food I've never even heard of and some food I only knew by name. And all the beautiful photos of the food made me drool even more.

Thank you for all the fabulous entries and enjoy the round up.

Click Whittycute Foodie Event on Flickr to view the photos only.

Soon the judges will come with their final decision. Come back soon to check the winner!!!

Disclaimer: all photos and written content are copyrighted to their own respective author and photographer. If you would like to use them please ask them first!!!


  1. selamat ya jeng untuk event-nya dan banyak yg ngikut. round-up-nya mantaf.

  2. Yuhu Mindoel makasih juga buat ikutan :)